The Psychology of Advertising for Posters and Banners

Published: 04th February 2011
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We are often reminded of the 'terrible' methods that television advertising uses in order to try and ensnare us and to convince us of things that we do not necessarily believe. There is psychological trickery that goes on in advertising of this kind and it can be unconscious and sometimes even subliminal. As consumers we often do not take kindly to being so ruthlessly persuaded to buy, but as sellers and as businesses we often view things rather differently. There is no 'black magic' that goes on with advertising, just clever sales technique, and these methods are successful enough that it would be folly for any business not to employ them.
It is not just television though that can benefit from these psychological techniques. At the same time in posters printing and banner printing it is just as important to understand what makes a good advert and what the human brain responds to. Here then we will look at some of the techniques that can be used to make posters printing more successful. If you're a consumer take note and be weary of these often used sales techniques. If you're a company trying to promote itself take note and be knowledgeable of these often used sales techniques...

Grabbing attention:
When a company uses posters printing or banner printing the first particularly important point is that they be able to attract attention. As people are walking passed then, they need to notice the notices out of the corner of their eye; if only on an unconscious level. This then means that they need to be bright colours as the bright colours will stand out more and be easier to read. At the same time the text should be in a large font and all in capitals and the colour should contrast the background (avoid red on blue which is very difficult to read). This will also make people assume it is important and official and so they will take notice. Images can also help attract people's attentions, particularly if they are shocking or provocative.

Anchoring is a technique used in almost all good advertising. Here you are shown an image of something that you like an attractive and happy person, chocolates, a puppy dog or a sunset and this then puts you in a good mood. Then immediately after you should see the brand (or at the same time). This then means that you associate the brand with that good feeling and the hope is that when you next see the logo in stores you will feel good and be compelled to buy. In posters printing this can be easily achieved by making the posters include pleasant images (as well as eye catching ones).

Advertising that uses curiosity is particularly clever. Here you need to attract attention and for that you use the bold writing. However there's nothing interesting about things that are easy to decipher or read. If you want great advertising then there should be some puzzle involved small text, a story conveyed, or some image that is not at first obvious what it is trying to convey. This way the person is drawn in and will actually give time and attention to the image to try and work it out.

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